Celebrating over 10 years of

Excellence in Parliamentary Strengthening

Support to Law Making

The Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust (SAPST) has been implementing a parliamentary strengthening programme since inception in 2007. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Parliamentary Support Programme (2020-2025) enhances the parliamentary strengthening programme in a significant way. The five-year programme has many components.

The programme supports the enhancement of the discharge by Parliament of Zimbabwe (POZ) of its law-making, executive oversight and representational roles. In this regard the programme will entail support for the law-making function by supporting legislative analysis, research and the involvement of stakeholders in the legislative process. The PSP will support an inclusive legislative process that encourages other stakeholders even outside Parliament to come up with legislative ideas for consideration by relevant authorities. The programme will also support greater liaison between the legislative arm and the executive arm of the State in engaging on policy matters through discussions between POZ and ministries in the pre-legislative stages of law-making. SAPST will support civil society organisations (CSOs) with capacity building and other initiatives around the legislative processes of Parliament. Further, SAPST will also support POZ and other stakeholders with respect to international legal instruments to which Zimbabwe is party, and others that it is not at the time being party, but which reflect international best practice.