Celebrating over 10 years of

Excellence in Parliamentary Strengthening

Enhancing Constructive Citizen Engagement of the State for Improved Public Policy-making and Constitutionalism

SAPST is leading a consortium of organisations, which includes VERITAS, the National Association of Youth Organisations (NAYO) and the Women’s Coalition in Zimbabwe (WCoZ), to implement a European Union supported Action to promote adherence to and implementation of the letter and the spirit of the Constitution by the State and all institutions and agencies of government at every level as a result of demands emanating from an informed and active citizenry. The Action seeks strengthen participation and influence of CSOs, and communities, particularly women and youth, in the implementation of the Constitution in a participatory, meaningful and inclusive manner at national, provincial and local level.

The Action builds on the strengths of the consortium partners that have a proven track record in mobilising communities, engaging policy makers, civic education and supporting citizen action demanding accountability, access to justice and democracy. While acknowledging the efforts by CSOs in Zimbabwe to influence the full implementation of the Constitution and influence the law reform agenda, there is a consensus on the need for CSOs to strengthen their efforts in demanding accountability at various levels of government and better coordinate efforts to institute constitutionalism. The consortium builds on the on-going efforts by consortium partners working on constitutionalism combining this with the experience of the network members in mobilising communities and stakeholders at the local level.

The Action specifically targets women and youth acknowledging their historical marginalisation. The project is being implemented in the urban areas of Harare, Bulawayo and Manicaland, and the rural communities of Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South and Mashonaland West.