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National Indicative Programme

Civil Society’s National Indicative Programme Monitoring and Advocacy Programme

The Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust (SAPST) is part of a consortium of civil society organisations (CSOs) implementing a programme funded by the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe (the EU) under the National Indicative Programme (NIP). Members of the consortium include:

• National Association for Non-Governmental Organizations (NANGO), as the lead organization

• Sam Moyo African Institute of Agrarian Studies (SMAIAS),

• Zimbabwe AIDS Network (ZAN), and the

• Zimbabwe Community Health Intervention Research (ZiCHIRe).

During each year of implementation each organisation in the consortium coordinates a particular aspect of the programme. The NIP programme seeks to enhance the capacity of CSOs to play an oversight role over the implementation of the NIP by Government of Zimbabwe (GOZ). The EU and the Government of Zimbabwe entered into a three-year NIP programme that supported agriculture, health and governance. The programme is now in its final year.

Each of the partner organisations under the consortium monitors a specific aspect of the NIP. This helps to ensure that communities participate in monitoring the implementation of programmes by government in their respective areas, thereby enhancing the accountability of government on public expenditure.

As part of implementation of the programme SAPST has participated in capacity building programmes for CSOs and communities to enhance their capacity to monitor NIP projects under implementation by government. It has also participated in the conduct of research and documentation of NIP.