Mr John Makamure

SAPST Executive Director

+263 4 886763

He is the founding Executive Director of SAPST. He is a dynamic professional who has wide experience in legislative strengthening, civic society strengthening, advocacy, economic and public policy analysis and research. A major accomplishment by John is that he is the founder of the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust which is now the leader in parliamentary strengthening in Zimbabwe and is making inroads into the Southern African region. John has carried out research and presented papers at various fora on legislative strengthening, the national budget process, civic and public engagement and provided technical assistance to the Zimbabwe Parliament and other parliaments in the region to effectively execute their constitutional mandate in the core areas of law-making, executive oversight and representation. Under John’s leadership, SAPST spearheaded the establishment of the SADC Association of Parliamentary Budget Committees, which is a regional network for MPs and civic society to network and share knowledge on budgetary and economic governance best practices. One of the key activities of the Association is to promote participatory budgeting in SADC member countries. John is also a weekly columnist with a Zimbabwean independent daily newspaper, Newsday. His analytical articles focus on key developments in parliament on the legislative and budgetary fronts. His working context has been that of Parliament, civic society, international development organizations, the media and the private sector. In addition to working in Southern Africa, John has a lot of experience working in post conflict situations, having carried out legislative strengthening consulting work in Iraq, Afghanistan and Southern Sudan.

Mr Israel Chilimanzi

SAPST Programme Manager

+263 4 886763

The Programmes Manager of SAPST is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects related to the Zimbabwe programme ensuring flawless team management and development, programme delivery, quality control and evaluation. His key duties also include advising on constitutional and legal issues, legislative policies and programmes, needed services, products and approaches to legislatives strengthening and the politics surrounding sensitive national questions, parliamentary issues and regional and international relations.

Miss Martha Mashonganyika

SAPST Finance and Administration Manager

+263 4 886763

She is the Finance and Administration Manager of SAPST. Martha Mashonganyika joined SAPST in April 2011. She brings to SAPST 9 years of experience in the NGO Finance Sector. She is a holder of a BSc Honours in Applied Accounting Degree. As the Finance and Administration Manager, she is responsible for the overall financial management of the organisation, including budgeting, financial reporting for internal and external purposes, internal system reviews, and financial policy formulation.

Mr Phillip Muziri

SAPST Program Advisor - Parliamentary Affairs

+263 4 886763

Phillip Muziri joined SAPST at its inception. He is the Programme Advisor on Parliamentary Affairs. He assists in the development and implementation of capacity development programmes for various stakeholders as well as providing technical and legal expertise. Phillip also undertakes legal research and analysis of proposed legislation and provides legal briefings to stakeholders, such parliamentary committees and civic society organization. Phillip has previously served as a law officer in the public sector and as a corporate lawyer in the commercial sector before joining the civic society sector.

Henry Ndlovu

SAPST Programme Specialist Information and Communication

+263 4 886763

Henry Ndlovu joined SAPST in March 2010 as the Information and Communications Programme Advisor. The main objective of his brief is to strengthen the flow of information between Parliament, civic society and the general public. Thus, Henry closely monitors developments in the Zimbabwe Parliament and regional parliaments and disseminate this information to SAPST stakeholders and the general public. To this end, he is responsible for the management of SAPST’s website content, compilation of SAPST Quarterly Newsletter and the weekly Parliamentary Round-up Bulletin. He also keeps track of the media’s reportage on parliament and its committees and implements measures to strengthen media coverage of parliament and its committees. Henry has 11 years wealth of experience working for the Parliament of Zimbabwe as a member of the secretariat. Through his tenure at the Parliament of Zimbabwe, he was exposed to other Parliaments in the region; Tanzania (2001) and South Africa (2002), specifically to learn how these parliaments were conducting public hearings as a way of capturing public input into the legislative process and policy formulation. In 2006, he was an International Fellow at the New York State Legislature under the auspices of the State University of New York / Center for International Development Programme. Henry also has experience working with the SADC Parliamentary Forum through secondment to election observer missions

Mrs Plaxedes Dhlamini

SAPST Programme Assistant: Procurement and Personnel Officer

+263 4 886763-5

Plaxedes Dhlamini joined SAPST in December 2008 as the Programme Assistant. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (English and Communication Studies) and also has qualifications in Personnel Management and Administration, and Public Relations.

Mr Vivian Mashavave

SAPST Legal Officer

+263 4 886763-5

Vivian provides research and other legal support services to the organization, and advises on constitutional and legal issues. Vivian also manages the updating and improvement of key informational databases on legislative process, bills, statutory instruments and other relevant information for identifying trends and performance of Parliament, and issues of relevance to the parliamentary strengthening program. In addition, he provides secretariat services to the Zimbabwe Chapter of the African Parliamentarians’ Network Against Corruption (APNAC Zimbabwe), an organization which aims to coordinate, involve and strengthen the capacities of African parliamentarians to fight corruption by promoting accountability, transparency and public participation in the processes of government and the management of public resources. Vivian is also part of the SAPST team spearheading the establishment of a SADC APNAC Chapter, a regional network with similar objectives.

Mr Owen Ruwona

SAPST Finance Specialist

+263 4 886763-5

Owen Ruwona joined SAPST in January 2013 as a Finance Specialist. His main duties at SAPST include the management of project grants through preparation of Budgets and financial reports to donors and management. Owen Ruwona has more than three years’ experience in financial management of NGOs. Owen is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and he holds and advanced diploma with CIMA. Owen Ruwona also holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Mr Fortunate Majere

SAPST Logistics Coordinator

+263 4 886763-5

Fortunate Majere joined SAPST at the inception of the programme in 2007 as the Logistics Coordinator and Transport Manager. His main duties at SAPST include provision of transport logistics to project staff on project related business within and outside Zimbabwe. This also includes receiving all incoming or outgoing visitors to or from the airport. Fortunate also oversees the vehicle maintenance, licensing, insurance and other matters pertaining to project vehicles. He also runs all office errands including office banking and delivery of all payments to service providers. Fortunate is responsible for ensuring that all the international and domestic packages to be shipped from the project are handled properly through courier service providers, as well as air and surface freight of equipment e.g. spare parts, books and other materials through customs clearance.

Mr Rangarirayi Mago

SAPST Office Orderly

+263 4 886763-5

Rangarirayi Mago joined SAPST at inception as Office Orderly. He is responsible for the day to day office errands.

Letwin Chikwani

Finance Officer

+263 4 886763

Letwin's duties include processing of all SAPST payments, ensuring that all expenses are within assigned project budget and conducting periodic financial analysis to identify and resolve variances. She is a holder of a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Finance and currently she is pursuing an accounting qualification.

Kudzai Muwishi

Monitoring and Evaluation Portfolio

+263 4 886763

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Rhodes University and is an Articled Clerk. She is currently studying for a diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation. She joined SAPST in 2013 as Finance Officer and moved to the Programs Department in 2014 to take up the Monitoring and Evaluation Portfolio. Her duties include developing and maintaining the organisation's Monitoring and Evaluation system, compiling and disseminating information on Parliament's activities and developments and organising radio programs to promote citizens' participation in Parliament's business.