Women Parliamentarians trained on Budget Oversight

Members of Parliament have roles and functions that are derived from a broad mandate of making laws for peace, order and good governance in Zimbabwe. Parliamentary oversight, including budget oversight is one of the major roles of Parliament. Parliamentary oversight on the national budget provides checks and balances for ensuring transparent and accountable government and efficient delivery of public services. Paradoxically, there is evidence in most countries of limited oversight role.

It is against this background that SAPST held a training women Parliamentarians on budget oversight, budget analysis and monitoring. This enabled MPs to fully understand the budget and implications of its various proposals, promotes more informed debate in the House and facilitates easier monitoring of the Budget by MPs.

Oversight entails the informal and formal, watchful, strategic and structured scrutiny exercised by the legislature in respect of the implementation of laws, the application of the budget and the strict observance of statutes and the Constitution. Oversight extends to the monitoring of the performance of government departments through establishing compliance with rules and regulations as well as other best practices where there are no formalized procedures. In terms of the provisions of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, as well as Standing Orders, Parliament has power to conduct oversight of all organs of state, including those at provincial and local government level.

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