Speaker Mudenda challenges Committee Chairpersons to be effective

The Speaker of the National Assembly Hon Advocate Jacob Francis Mudenda has challenged Parliamentary Portfolio Committees to incisively interrogate Executive policies and proposed laws to ensure the enhancement of national governance systems.

Speaking at an ongoing workshop for induction of committee chairpersons in Bulawayo, Adv Mudenda said that Chairpersons should have an eye for detail so as to make microscopic analysis and evaluation of all Government policy proposals and Bills under consideration by their respective Committees.

He emphasised that the work of Committees has to be transacted in a manner that ensures that the outputs from Parliament are of unquestionable high quality in the service of the common good.

“This calls for proactivity by Committee Chairpersons in managing the work of Committees effectively.

“As leaders, Committee Chairpersons have an unenviable role to steer the work of Committees so that the vision of Parliament is consummated within the parameters of Parliament’s Institutional Strategic Plan,” he said.

The two-day workshop is being attended by the Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Adv. Jacob Mudenda, Deputy President of the Senate Hon. Retired General Mike Nyambuya, Parliamentary Committee chairpersons, political party Chief whips, Parliament of Zimbabwe and SAPST staff.

Advocate Mudenda urged MPs to strictly adhere to and be knowledgeable about the demands of the Standing Rules and Orders No. 15 and 20 of the National Assembly and 19 of the Senate.

He underlined the need for Chairpersons and their Committee Members to be well geared in understanding the Public Finance Management Act [22:19] as well as all enabling Acts relevant to their Portfolio Committees and Government socio-economic policies that relate to Committees’ assignment such as the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (October 2018-December 2020)

In his opening remarks, SAPST Deputy Director Mr Israel Chilimanzi appreciated the work that Parliament carries out stressing the organisation’s commitment to supporting Parliament technically and financially.

“As an organisation, we have had the priviledge of associating with Parliament since 2002 and over the years as Parliament implemented its Reform Agenda, we have seen a growing assertiveness and an increased capacity to carry out its duties,” he said.

“We believe there is need to build upon and consolidate on the strides that were made in the eighth Parliament- we also believe there is need to assist Chairpersons to provide the leadership and knowledge so necessary if committees are going to effectively carry out their work.”