SAPST Supports Lesotho Public Hearings

SAPST recently provided technical assistance to the Portfolio Committee on Law and Public Safety Cluster in conducting public hearings on the 8th Constitutional Amendment Bill. The Bill seeks to address the issue of citizenship.

This was in response to a request by the Clerk of Parliament of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Adv. Maema. SAPST technical support involved providing logistical and procedural advice to the Committee to ensure that the public hearings were conducted successfully.

In his opening remarks, the Chairperson aptly summarized the objectives and key provisions of the Bill as well as giving a background to the issue that the Bill seeks to address.

37 and 63 participants attended the public hearing at Pitso House (Butha-Buthe District) and D.A.’s Offices (Mokhotlong District), respectively.

The committee secretariat had prepared a questionnaire-like form to guide written submissions. This form was distributed to all participants for those who wanted to submit written submissions after the public hearings. The public was given two weeks to submit their written input for consideration by the Committee.

Participants were allocated adequate time to freely express their views on the Bill.

Members of the public expressed appreciation to the Committee for affording them an opportunity to express themselves on the Bill; something which they said was rarely done in Lesotho.


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