SAPST Capacitate Parliament of Zimbabwe Secretariat

The ninth Parliament is expected to begin in August/September 2018 after the July 30 general Election. The ninth Parliament is expected to usher in a new set of committee members and chairpersons. In order to prepare parliament staff to effectively support the new committees to carry out their mandate, SAPST conducted a one and half day training for Committee Clerks and Researchers. The workshop focused on strengthening the capacity of staff in the following areas:

  • Social Accountability Approach to Public Resource Management
  • Quarterly Budget Performance Reporting Guidelines
  • Public Hearings
  • The Petition Process
  • Legislative Drafting Techniques

The workshop was attended by the Clerk of Parliament, 2 Deputy Clerks, Assistant Clerk, Programmes Coordinator, 12 Committee Clerks, and 8 Researchers from the Parliament of Zimbabwe. The workshop adopted a participatory approach by incorporating practical sessions that gave parliament staff the opportunity to apply the concepts learnt during the workshop sessions. The workshop also gave participants the opportunity to review the performance of Portfolio Committees in the 8th Parliament with a view to informing efforts to influence improvements in the work of committees in the ninth Parliament.


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