In an endeavour to strengthen the role of regional parliaments in the budget process as well as hold
the executive to account on public finance management, the Economic Affairs Programme has been
extended to regional parliaments. To date, 9 SADC Countries (Angola, Botswana, Malawi,
Mozambique, Namibia Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe) are now part of the SADC
Association of Parliamentary Budget Committees, which provides a forum for budget committees to
interface with public finance think-tanks and Civil Society on knowledge sharing in international best
practices in public finance management.
Current activities under this programme include;

  1. Supporting Meetings of the General Assembly
  2. Supporting Regular Meetings of the Executive Committee
  3. Exchange Programme for Budget Committee Members
  4. Detailed Research on Thematic Subjects such as:
    a. Developmental State and the role of Parliament
    b. Review of budget process policy and legal framework in SADC countries
    c. The Political Economy of Budgeting in SADC countries
    d. International Experiences with Parliamentary Budget Offices
  5.  Spearheading the Establishment of Parliamentary Budget Offices in SADC parliaments
  6. Legislative and policy framework review for public finance management in member countries
  7. Conducting Tailor-made capacity building programmes on Budget analysis and monitoring and
    economic literacy
  8. Enhancing visibility of the Association’s activities through media engagement
  9. Establishing an Office for the Association in South Africa
  10. Enhancing Collaboration between the Secretariat and other Civic Society Organizations
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