What is APNAC Zimbabwe?

APNAC Zimbabwe strives to work closely with civil society organizations and government institutions in their quest to eliminate corruption. The organization endeavors to set up deliberate programs and activities that will empower parliamentarians to take concrete actions during the execution of their parliamentary functions and to privately contribute to the control of corruption and to build linkages with one another, individual constituents and local and international organizations.

The Chapter is affiliated to the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), based in Canada, and APNAC Africa, based in Ghana.

Since 2009, APNAC Zimbabwe has been hosted by the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust (SAPST).

APNAC Zimbabwe’s overall objective

To bring together Parliamentarians and others to combat corruption and to promote transparency and accountability in order to ensure high standards of integrity in private and public transactions.

 APNAC Zimbabwe’s specific objectives

The specific objects for which APNAC Zimbabwe is established are:

(a)   to build the commitment and capacity of parliament to exercise accountability and to work and co-operate with other arms of Government for the establishment of standards of conduct designed to promote transparency, accountability and good governance;

(b)   to foster and facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and experience among its members and to share information on lessons learned and best practices on anti-corruption measures;

(c)   to undertake projects to control and minimise corruption;

(d)   to cooperate with organizations in civil society with shared objectives;

(e)   to raise general awareness on the issue of corruption at all levels of society;

(f)    to sensitize, educate and make aware the population on the existence, threat and danger of corruption and ways of combating corruption;

(g)   to campaign for inclusion of corruption issues in government priority programs;

(h)   to advocate for and encourage the improvement of state capacity to timely address and handle matters related to corruption;

(i)    to liaise with national and international organizations and institutions on all matters of corruption;

(j)    to mobilise internal and external resources to promote anti-corruption programs;

(k)   to develop links with the other oversight committees bodies in relation to issues of corruption;

(l)    to fundraise for the development and implementation of programmes and activities for the furtherance of the aforementioned objects

APNAC Zimbabwe’s vision

A corruption free Zimbabwe in which public resources are equitably distributed and directed towards the well-being of all Zimbabweans and the development of the country.

APNAC Zimbabwe’s strategic goal

To strengthen Parliament’s role in combating corruption and promoting transparency in order to ensure high standards of integrity in private and public institutions in Zimbabwe.

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