Prioritise child friendly budgets: African Governments told

SAPST Public Policy Officer Mrs Chengetai Madziwa-Kanyangu has called on African Governments to accelerate children’s rights by ensuring that there is equitable resource allocation and spending for the survival, learning and protection of children in Southern Africa.

Speaking at an ongoing SADC child rights conference in Harare today, Mrs Madziwa Kanyangu said child friendly budgets will ensure that children’s needs are catered for.

“The implementati

Delegates from East and Southern Africa attending the SADC child rights conference pose for a group photo after touring Parliament of Zimbabwe

on of the overall framework for governments to invest in children, provided in the Committee on the rights of the child general comment no. 19, should be prioritised.  The comment proposes a set of guidelines on the planning, enacting, executing and monitoring of national budgets,” she said.

“Government should ensure that their Public Financial Management systems effectively generate and utilise relevant information throughout the entire budget cycle particularly in specific sectors such as health, education and social protection.”

Mrs Madziwa-Kanyangu also said there is need to improve the variety and detail that is included in budget documents to include comprehensive information of investment in children urging countries to adopt measures that would ensure enhanced quantity and quality of published budget documents.

The conference which ends tomorrow is running under theme, “Towards a SADC Protocol and Young People “and is being attended by delegates drawn from East and Southern Africa.

Delegates earlier on visited Parliament whereby they interacted with the Clerk of Parliament and the Parliamentary Budget Office.

The Clerk of Parliament Mr Kennedy Chokuda said the Portfolio committees which deals with children’s issues have been vibrant with some visiting children’s homes to check on their living conditions.

Mr Chokuda also explained how Zimbabwe is working with the SADC Parliamentary Forum and its effectiveness.

Day two of the conference ended with delegates outlining their action plans on child rights advocacy issues in their respective countries.







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