Outrage over War Vets demands

Zimbabweans say the demands by war veterans for more pay-outs are absurd and tantamount to holding the country to ransom. There was an outcry by listeners during a radio programme on SFM yesterday which discussed the welfare of warveterans.

The programme, Point of Order on SFM is supported by SAPST and airs every Monday at 7:15pm.

Panelists who attended the radio programme were Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) Secretary, Victor Matematanda, Children of Warvets Association, John Muchenje and political analyst, Abicia Ushowokunze.

Following their interface meeting with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, warvets demanded that they want twenty percent share of the command agricultural scheme allocated to them. They also demanded vehicles as they were ‘sick and getting old’ and therefore couldn’t walk anymore.

They demanded that President Mnangagwa increases their pensions from what it is now, upward of two hundred dollars to something more substantial. They also want mining concessions in prime areas that will not require heavy machinery to mine gold and other precious minerals.

In Matabeleland they demanded hunting concessions and a stake in the conservancies so they can manage wildlife for profit.

However, during the radio programme, the majority of listeners through phone ins and WhatsApp messages said the demands were ridiculous since war vets have been compensated in the past.

In 1997 the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe was forced to print money in order to fund their $50 000 gratuities.

One of the listeners said Zimbabwe’s economy is in a fragile state cannot afford to fund such demands adding that their shopping list is uncalled for.

Another listener said instead of complaining about money, the war veterans must be productive at their farms they acquired during the land reform programme.

Mr Matematanda defended his counterparts’ actions saying they fought for the liberation struggle and deserved to be compensated further.




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