Malawi Parliament Urged to Participate in Ratification of International Legal Instruments

In a recent development, SAPST collaborated with the Human Rights Consultative Coalition (HRCC) to host a workshop to share the findings of a study SAPST commissioned with the HRCC on the ratification and domestication of international legal instruments by Malawi.

The meeting was attended by members of Malawi Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee, Chairpersons of other parliamentary Committees and selected CSOs.

A number of presentations were made on the day that include the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism and the role Parliament can play in the process, Role of CSOs in the UPR Process, Enhancing the Role of Parliament in the Ratification and Domestication of International Instruments, and Impact of Malawi’s Obligations under International Legal Instruments on Domestic ESCR Discourse.

MPs who attended the workshop expressed gratitude to SAPST and highlighted that the workshop should have come sooner rather than towards the end of the life of the current Parliament since Malawi will have election in 2019.

Some MPs expressed hope that engagement on the subject matter should be ongoing to help them hold the Executive accountable for commitments made at the international stage.

CSOs also called on MPs to use the recently enacted Access to Information Act, 2017 (No. 13 of 2017) to ensure that citizens have access to information regarding Malawi’s international commitments and the rights that accrue to them as a result of Malawi being party to a number of international instruments.


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